Online Booking

You can book any one of our Luxury Rentals properties online. Please note that a 40% deposit is required upon booking.

Booking is not finalised until confirmation if given from Luxury Rentals, even though Payment may have been effected. All funds are on hold until final confirmation is given.

Terms & Conditions:

A booking is only valid on receipt of adeposit of 40% of the total amount on the accommodation into our PayPal account, and upon confirmation by us. In the case where two bookings and deposits are received almost concurrently for the same property for the same or overlapping periods, the first deposit received secures the booking.

The other booking will be declined and the deposit will be reimbursed without any charges incurred.

Any changes in the number of persons booked are subject to the additional charges.

The property is to be used for holiday accommodation only, for the number of persons specified on your booking form, and not for any commercial activity, party, or any other private function, unless previously agreed.

Failure to abide by these terms may lead to immediate cancellation of your stay and you may be asked by the owner to leave the property immediately without any right to claim a refund.

The enjoyment of this property entails certain responsibilities on your part. The landlord has the right to enter the accommodation for inspection or to carry out repairs or maintenance to the accommodation or the utilities serving it, at reasonable times during the day.  In such cases, the tenant will be informed beforehand.

During your stay at the property you are to ensure to manage this property with the proper care and attention. Loss or damage by negligence or misuse, incurred to the property, appliances, or it¹s contents, accidental or not, will be noted and are subject to payment. A travel insurance is always recommended.

Deposits made on bookings are non refundable.

Check in time for the property is 1700 hrs. Check out time is 1000hrs. 

Disclaimer: This Terms & Conditions are not final, and are subject to change without notice. For full terms and conditions kindly contact us on 

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