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Houses of Character

Houses of Character in Malta are becoming harder to find at a time when modern apartments and high-rise property developments are the growing trend. However, these local gems can still be found throughout the island, located within hidden village alleys and close to the Parish churches, typically nestled within the older heart of a town or village that is free from the stigma of modern life.

These rare gems boast many of the traditional features or ‘characters’ that give these wonderful properties their name. Often very old, houses of character contain traditional patterned and tiled floors, high ceilings and wooden beams as well as numerous other rustic features including the traditional ‘intrata’ or entrance hall. These outstanding properties are wonderfully maintained and dearly taken care of by their dedicated owners throughout the generations. A traditional house of character in Malta is a luxurious and beautiful environment in which to spend a holiday, whilst offering a true sense of the Maltese lifestyle away from the typical hotel or apartment setting.

Luxury Rentals currently offer three stunning houses of character, available for holiday rentals throughout the summer and winter. These three character houses are located within the old village cores, and so are ideal for a quiet and relaxed retreat that is conveniently located near to all amenities and transport links. Typical prices per week for a house of character start from between €400 and €750 during the low season (October to February).

Ta ‘ Drinu in Zabbar is an elegant property set in a long and secluded alleyway leading to St James’ square; a fantastic local market is held here every Saturday. This property boasts its own traditional roof terrace for entertaining and even a luxurious Jacuzzi. Typical of all houses of character in Malta, Ta’ Drinu is the perfect idyllic holiday home for a week or more, ideal for romantic breaks. The spacious garden provides abundant space for entertaining during the summer months, with its own cosy dining area.

Other character houses are available for rental in Zejtun and Mosta, and both offer a relaxing and cosy setting complete with sunny central courtyard, full amenities and high finishes, whilst having lost none of their traditional features. Thick golden limestone and lots of nooks to discover in every room make these houses of character ideal as an intimate getaway or spacious retreat for family and friends.

A more luxurious house of character is also available in Zebbug and combines the old and the new in a very elegant environment. Vera is a luxurious character house with modern facilities to meet today’s needs. Located in the quiet southern village of Zebbug, Vera offers its own private pool, full air conditioning, spacious living area, bar area and three large bedrooms.

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